Fresh and earthy Argentinian sauce, taking us back to our grass routes! Our Chimichurri is jam packed with fresh herbs and garlic.

The herd love this with a steak or go all Italian as mix with pasta – beli”mooo”sio

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Olive Oil (27.9%), Shallots (26.5%), Parsley (11.1%), Red Wine Vinegar (11.1%), Coriander , Lime juice , Newforge Capers in Vinegar 2.4kg  [Capers (64.58%), Spirit Vinegar, Salt], B&B Beef Rub  [Salt (43.9%), Brown sugar , White pepper, Black pepper , Garlic , Dried thyme , Fennel seeds , Fudco Badian Star Anise 50g , Dried cloves ], Garlic , Oregano , Red chilli , Green chilli peppers

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  1. Jessica Barrett

    This sauce is complex and earthy. It’s not spicy, very mild. Perfect for steak!

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