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The Condiment Cow

The Condiment Cow


Introducing the Condiment Cow our newest addition to the herd! This dispenser is perfect for your condiment needs and would make a great addition to farm park, theme park or family entertainment venue (or even your back garden bbq)!

Condiment cOW

Get yours today and see the excitement it generates among your guests!

Taking orders for January Delivery
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Easy One Step Installation
Position your cow where you want it to be mounted and screw the cow and hanging bracket to the surface. Fill and hang the EZ-Dispensers and you're ready to serve!

Durable Artwork
Artwork is finished with a diamond coating making it very durable and resistant to damage. It's Fun! Guests will be drawn to your concessions venue with a smile wanting to purchase food so they can have the opportunity to use this unique product!

Easy Refill and Clean Up
To refill, open the door to access the interior, remove the EZ-Dispenser, refill and return to the hanging bracket. EZ-Dispensers clean up with just soap and water and are dishwasher safe.

Any liquid condiments such as ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, ranch, mayonnaise, vinegar, chocolate syrup, etc. can be dispensed from the Condiment Cow. Chunky condiments (relish, salsa, etc) do NOT work well.


Taking orders for January Delivery

Pre order for just £2600 ex vat
Pre orders include:

  • UK Shipping
  • 4 x EZ dispensers
  • Your choice of 4 x 5L Saucy Cow Sauces
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